Firefly International Film Festival

The PA Firefly International Film Festival and the Painting Workshop with Ibi were all great successes. Thank you to all who helped especially the PAFF Board members, Marienville Area Baseball Association, Forest Area Arts Council, Marienville Area Community Association, Sarah Stewart Bovard Memorial Library, our family and friends.


The Pennsylvania Firefly Festival, Inc has a mission of educating the public about firefly science and conservation.  PAFF also celebrates the annual PA Firefly Festival on the last Saturday in June.  This coincides with the mating displays of over fifteen different species of firefly in the Allegheny National Forest area including the Synchronous firefly and the unique "Chinese Lantern" firefly along the Tionesta Creek.


You can view all documents related to our non-profit status HERE.

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Pennsylvania Firefly Festival

13558 Route 666, Tionesta, PA

T: 814-230-2035